Hi again, foodies,
J-term is flying by--it's already time for our second and last meal of the term. This week, super-senior Feb Sara Dinkin is making food like Atwater has never seen before, using molecular gastronomy techniques to turn olive oil into powder, balsamic vinegar into pearls, and beets into foam. The whole meal is inspired by landscapes and is guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever eaten. Want to try it? Sign up for tickets TONIGHT (Wednesday) at 9:00 pm sharp by using the link below: 

If you get tickets, we'll let you know within 24 hours. If you don't hear from us, try again for Dolci in the spring. 
Also, if you are interested in being a head chef in the spring, we will be having a meeting early in the spring semester, so watch out for that!

Type like the wind, 
April and Cayla

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