Middlebury’s student-run restaurant, Dolci, offers a creative and tasty alternative to dining hall fare, prepared and served by students.  On three Friday evenings each month, diners gather in Atwater for a delicious multi-course meal. Supported and sponsored by Middlebury Dining Services and the Student Activities Fund, the price is just right–- it’s free!  Created over ten years ago in the winter of 1998, Jill Santopietro (‘99), a crew of excited new members, and Richard O’Donohue’s Chateau kitchen staff, Dolci is now known as one of Middlebury College’s most unique attributes and best dining options.

Dolci’s mission is twofold.  We strive to be an active and instructive culinary presence on campus, as well as a valuable and enjoyable service to Middlebury students. As a member of Dolci, students have the option of being a prep cook, a cook, a head chef, or a member of the waitstaff.  Our primary goal is to offer an opportunity for participants to learn through experience. We encourage culinary creativity, the sharing of knowledge, and the exchange of ideas.  Furthermore, we maintain high standards for the final product of our food and service.  The kitchen is a fun and productive place to be, and as a result our list of members continues to expand every year.

We open our doors to everyone on the Middlebury campus.  Whether you want to show off or develop your cooking skills, learn how to be a server, or simply enjoy the fruits of our labor, we’d love to have you at Dolci. Bon appétit!