Come join the fun, and get paid for it!  Each week, the Dolci staff changes.  For most of the jobs, there is no previous experience necessary.  To work at Dolci, you simply need to be able to work hard, take direction well, and, hopefully, have a passion for food, cooking, or service.

To work this week as a cook, prep cook, or member of waitstaff, follow the link on the home page.  Links are posted every week that there is a Dolci meal.
Work sign ups for:
  • Work sign up for Atwater opens at 9:00 PM on Sunday.
Important requirements for working at Dolci:
  • Always wear closed-toed, comfortable shoes.
  • Long hair must be pulled back.
  • Shirts must have sleeves (no exposed armpits) and long-pants must be worn.
  • Wait-staff should wear a white top and black slacks or skirt.
  • Arriving on time and staying for the entire shift is imperative
  • Failure to arrive for your scheduled shift without advanced notice 
will prevent you from working again. If you are unable to work, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.
  • BEFORE you work for Dolci, go to Student Employment Office and fill out the necessary paperwork in order to have a campus job.  They will give you a blue Student Employment Card.  
  • Bring your blue card with you to your shift so that we can enter you into the system.

Dolci Positions


Dolci chefs have significant kitchen experience, and seek a creative and leadership-oriented role in the kitchen.  The chef has the pleasure of creating his or her own menu.  A chef must put in a lot of preparation time before his or her Dolci, as well as work both the prep and service shifts in order to execute the menu.  While quite fun and rewarding, the job of the chef requires a significant amount of work compared that of a prep cook or cook. Chefs for each semester are chosen at the beginning of that semester.

The chef of the week must:
  • Create a menu.
  • Submit ingredient lists to the Ian Martin (Atwater Chef) on time.
  • Organize what needs to be done during the prep shift.
  • Determine/arrange 
the order of events for cooking during service.
  • Manage that week’s staff.
  • Be responsible, in general, for overseeing the entire evening.
  • For a more detailed description of the tasks and requirements of being a chef, please contact one of our managers at dolci [at]

Prep Cooks
Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays prior to event
The day before a Dolci meal, several cooks come in to prepare. Prep
involves doing anything that can be done ahead of time, including
 making soups, marinades, some desserts, sauces, and chopping vegetables.  Because there is not the immediate time-crunch of getting a meal ready for that evening, prep is less stressful than service.  This makes it a great opportunity for newer cooks to get a feel for Dolci.

Cooks and Dishwashers
Hours: Fridays, day of 3:00pm-9:00pm
Cooks arrive several hours before service to finish prep and get ready for the evening.  Under the guidance of the chef, cooks execute and plate the meal, and help do dishes and clean up the kitchen afterwards.

Hours: Fridays, day of 4:30pm-9:00pm
The waitstaff, working under a head waiter, prepare the dining
 room for the meal, wait on the tables, and clean the dining room after service. All waitstaff must wear a white shirt and black slacks or skirt, close-toed shoes, and have their hair pulled back.