Hello, Dolci fans--

We have heard from many people that they did not receive the email to sign up for work which went out Sunday afternoon. We apologize that the work email did not make it to everyone--we're still working out some glitches with Middlink. However, thank you to those people who signed up for work using the link posted on the blog. For those of you who didn't get a chance to sign up, or who did sign up but didn't score a shift (even without the email reminder, there was still tons of interest), our next Dolci is on October 26th. By then we'll be sure to have all of our technological difficulties ironed out, and from now on you will be getting emails on Sundays before Dolci to work. If you have any questions, consult the blog--our links are always posted here!

And remember, ticket sign-ups for the first Dolci of the semester will be on Wednesday at 9:00 pm. Prepare to type fast--they usually go in under ten seconds!

Cayla & April

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