Hi everyone!

Get ready for the third Dolci of the year, this Friday. It's a collaborative Dolci, with different chefs in charge of each course. It's diner themed (think bison burgers and fries). Sign up for tickets tonight at 9:00 pm sharp at the link below (you may need to copy and paste):


We're starting our new system of assigning tickets randomly if you sign up within the first 2 minutes. That's right, if you manage to sign up within the first two minutes, you'll be entered into a lottery and 40 people will be picked. No more stress, no more cursing your long last name.

If you get tickets, you will hear from us with 24 hours. If not, better luck next time. Remember that if you get tickets, they must be used - it's really not fun to leave seats empty.

Bon apetit,
Ben and Cayla

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Amen to the lottery system

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