Our final 51 Main Dolci is happening this Monday, April 29th! If you haven't had a meal at 51 Main yet, it's not to be missed. This week, head chef Hannah Postel is making a Japanese fusion feast, featuring things like seaweed salad with grilled octopus and matcha crème brulée. To sign up, go to this link TONIGHT (April 25th) at 9:00 pm sharp(it's also posted on our blog at go/dolci):

If you get tickets, we'll let you know within 24 hours. Otherwise, try again for our last Dolci of the year on May 3rd. 
Don't forget that if you've gotten tickets to two meals already this month, you aren't eligible for tickets to Monday's dinner. Everybody will be free to sign up for May 3rd, though!

happy thursday,
April and Cayla 

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