If this seems like Dolci déjà vu, that's because it kind of is: we have another round of sign-ups TONIGHT for this Monday's meal at 51 Main. This week's meal is head cheffed by April Dodd and is inspired by the foods of childhood. Think Lunchables-style hors d'oeuvres with all-local sausage, homemade smoked gouda goldfish crackers, and boozy banana splits. 
**This meal is in collaboration with the Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking. We are looking to raise some money for Bridport Elementary School, an amazing school whose new principal has many nutritional and recreational initiatives that both our clubs love. So, we will be asking for donations at the meal. We promise--it'll still be the least you ever pay for four courses. Want to sign up for the best meal you've had at Middlebury on a Monday? Go to this link at 9:00 pm sharp (it's also on our blog at go/dolci):

If you get tickets, we'll let you know within 24 hours. If not, our next meal is Monday, April 22nd. Monday's meal is at 51 Main at 7:00 pm. Please check your schedule before signing up, because if your seats are left empty we won't give you tickets to any of this semester's remaining meals. 

Happy Thursday, 
April and Cayla

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