Dolci Tickets

Hello All!
it is once again that time of week, the time to get Dolci tickets for this friday's caribbean feast cheffed by Sara Dinkin. We're talking plantains and grilled jerk pork.

The link, found below, will become activated at 9:00 pm wednesday evening. The first 40 people will receive 2 tickets as per usual.


Dinner starts at 6:00pm friday evening in the atwater dining hall. If you receive tickets and for some reason are unable to go, and your tickets go unused (ie you didn't find someone to give them to) you will not be able to receive tickets or work for the rest of the semester.

Lastly, we're trying to make sure that everybody gets a chance to go to Dolci this year, so if you got tickets last week, you might not get them this week, no matter how quick you are.

Best of luck and see you soon,
Phil & Cammie

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