Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! 

If all that great food made you want to spend even more time in the kitchen, here's your chance! There are only two Dolcis remaining this semester, so if you haven't gotten to work yet, sign up TONIGHT (Monday) at 9:00 to work. Remember, working for Dolci is a paid position (plus all the great food you take home afterwards) and there's absolutely no experience required. This Friday, head chefs Ben and Emily Bogin are bringing us Japanese-inspired food. Here's the help they'll need this week:

2 Wednesday Prep Chefs (Wednesday, 4:00-7:00)
3 Thursday Prep Chefs (Thursday, 4:00-7:00)
4 Cooks (Friday, 3:00-9:00)
2 Cooks/Dishwashers (Friday, 3:00-9:00)
5 Waitstaff (Friday, 5:00-9:00)

To sign up, go to this link at 9:00 pm (you may have to copy-paste it):


Before signing up, please make sure you can actually work the shift. (When signing up, you can select the same option for both work preferences if that's the only time that works for you.)

Happy cooking!
Cayla and April

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