Its time for another Dolci...!

This week, head chefs Sophie Gardiner and Hannah Postel are preparing breakfast for dinner. If you're interested in helping out (there's no experience necessary!) then sign up tonight (Sunday) at 9:00 pm by following the link below (you may need to copy/paste it - apologies for the links being a bit finicky in the past few weeks).  

Here's the help we'll need this week (please note the prep times):
2 Wednesday Prep Cooks (Wednesday 3:00-5:00)
2 Thursday Prep Cooks (Thursday 3:00-5:30)
4 Cooks (Friday 3:00-9:00)
2 Cooks/Dishwashers (Friday 3:00-9:00)
5 Waitstaff (Friday 5:00-9:00)
If you score a shift, we’ll let you know within 24 hours. Before signing up, please make sure that you can actually work the shift. If you sign up for a work shift and then do not show up, we will not hire you for the rest of the semester.
If you don’t get a shift, don’t worry—the next Dolci is right after Thanksgiving break. Or, try getting tickets on Wednesday! 
Good luck!
Cayla and April

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