Work at the first J-Term Dolci!

Happy J-Term!

Hope you all had wonderful (and delicious!) breaks! In the spirit of J-Term we have 3 Dolci dinners. If you liked the food you ate in the fall, why not help make it? Your first chance to get in on the kitchen fun is this Friday as Ethan Litman serves up winter comfort fare.

As usual, sign up for work tonight at 9PM. Follow the link posted below (you may have to copy-paste it). This link will also be posted on our website at go/dolci (http://dolcimidd.blogspot.com/). It will activate at 9:00 PM sharp.


Here is the help we’ll need this week:
2 Prep Cook (Thursday 2:30-5:30 PM)
4 Cooks (Friday 3:00-9:00)
2 Cooks/Dishwashers (Friday 3:00-9:00)
5 waitstaff (5:00-9:00)

If you score a shift, we’ll let you know within 24 hours. Before signing up, make sure you can actually work the shift. If you sign up for a work shift and then do not show up, we will not hire you for the rest of the semester.

As always, if you don’t get a shift this week, we'll be back next week! Or, sign up for tickets on Wednesday!

Cammie & Sara

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