Sign up to work the first Dolci of the year!

Hello hello!
It is finally time to sign up to work for the first Dolci of the year!  We, your food-frenzied Dolci managers, will be serving a delicious Spanish-themed meal.  Sara just came back from a semester in the north of Spain, so this meal is serious.

If you would like to join the fun in the kitchen this week, sign up to for a shift tonight at 9:00 PM.  Follow the link posted below.  It will activate at 9:00 PM sharp.

Here is the help we’ll need this week:
2 Prep Cooks (Thursday 2:30-5:30)
4 Cooks (Friday 3:00-9:00)
2 Cooks/Dishwashers (Friday 3:00-8:00)
5 waitstaff (5:00-8:00)

If you score a shift, we’ll let you know within 24 hours.  Before signing up, make sure you can actually work the shift.  If you sign up for a work shift and then do not show up, we will not hire you for the rest of the semester.

As always, if you don’t get a shift this week, try again next week!  And if you are just interested in eating some tasty Spanish comida, ticket sign ups will be on Wednesday. 

Buen provecho,
Cammie & Sara 

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