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Hi everyone, and welcome back from spring break!

Believe it or not, the end of the year is rapidly approaching.  If you have been meaning to come work for Dolci, here is your penultimate chance.  So sign up to work this Friday, April 8th in Atwater!  Chefs Hannah Postel and Dan Patrick will be preparing an Asian-fusion meal featuring watercress and Asian pear salad and hoisin-ginger bbq pulled pork. 

To sign up for work this week, follow the link posted below.  It will become active tonight (Monday) at 9:00PM.

Here is the help we need:
1 prep cook (Thursday 11:00 am-2:00 pm)
1 sous-chef (Friday 1:30-8:00)
2 cooks/dishwashers (Friday 1:30-8:00pm)
3 cooks (Friday 1:30-8:00pm)
5 waitstaff (Friday 5:00-8:00pm)

If you get a position, we will let you know within 24 hours. Please note that if you sign up for a work shift and cannot make it or do not show up, you will be unable to work for Dolci for the rest of the semester.

As always, if you don't hear from us, try again next time (April 27th)! Ticket sign up will happen on Wednesday, so stay tuned....

Phil & Cammie

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