Tickets, tickets, tickets

Food lovers and friends,

It is once again that happy time to sign up for Dolci tickets. This Friday, Chefs Jimin Kang and Lindsey Hunt will bring you their version of breakfast for dinner, featuring smoked salmon, tenderloin with hollandaise, and beignets.

So, sign up for tickets tonight at 9:00PM. Follow the link below on the left side of this page.  The link will activate tonight (Wednesday) at 9:00PM sharp. The first 40 people to sign up will receive a pair of tickets, so act fast! If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours, try again next week.

Please note: if you do get tickets to Dolci, you must use them! If you do not use your tickets or give them to someone else to use, we will not give you tickets for the rest of the semester.

Those who get tickets will find them in their school mailboxes by Friday morning. Please take the extra second when you sign up to make sure that the mailbox number you entered is actually yours. Without your paper tickets, you will NOT be allowed entry into Dolci.

Finally, dinner starts at 6:00PM in Atwater. Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure that everything can start on time. Good luck and hope to see you this Friday!

Phil & Cammie

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